Boring Vlog Transcript

Boredom is always counter-revolutionary. Always.

– Guy Debord

YouTube search for “Boring Vlog” (Oct. 10, 2013) returns 357,000 results.


Um, lately I’ve been dealing with some stress. My clock is finally working. First, I want to say sorry for the video quality, it’s on my iPod. God, I make such boring vlogs. Why is my hand moving like this? Nobody knows. And, I ate some banana pudding cream pie or something and it was the bomb. And, like yeah! So, I did a new eye look today. We’re learning about monkeys right now. I’m just bored, and my friend is out with her friend, and my friend.  So, what has been going on?.. Nothing much really. If you haven’t heard the season finale of Degrassi will divided into two parts now instead of an, um, one-hour season finale. I’m growing real stir crazy around here. I haven’t left the house in awhile… I’m just bored. So… Ta-Da!!! I’ve completely forgotten what I’m talking about.  You just want to sleep until at least 10. But-um, that was pretty much the whole conversation. I had a lot of stuff to do like school, and chores and stuffHopefully I can make more friends. As you can see, there’s nothing much else to do … here.

In my sense, things have to be extremely perfect. Everybody assumes that I am automatically rich and famousAnother vlog fantastic Monday without any makeup. And, I’m sure you can’t see me at all, whatsoever. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to say. Um, yeah. I’m drinking a shaken ice tea lemonade. I don’t know. I laid on the couch all-day and had stomach issues. About a week and a half ago my girlfriend and I broke upIt’s kind of like the cake you get at a chinese buffetI practiced some piano and am going to do some programming after I watch YouTube. Now I am going to eat lunch downstairs. I’m going to go have some vegetable soup. I guess I’m just bored right now. I’m not really sure what to do. Guess what… Last night I went to go count my money, like in my wallet, and I was down sixty dollars and I thought I was freaking out, and I’m like, what did I buy, you know… That’s a tomato plant I set out the other day.

Considering that some people think that you’re, like, naturally blonde , it’s ok. This is not a funny vlog. This is a boring vlog.I have another hour and 45 minutes till my next class. And, I already went and got something to eat. It’s Saturday. I’m SUPA bored at home with nothing to do. You can tell I’m making this up as I go. I, don’t know… Um. This might end up being a little bit boring. In high school I studied hospitality for two years. And, ummm, let’s see… What else? Right now I don’t have anything planned out to talk about. Uh. (long pause) I’m into the whole convers … the intelligent coversation type thing. I’m bored. Blah blah blah, ba blah blah blah. Hi Vulcans! Uhm… Ja. Hi there. My feet are going to fall off. Don’t have much, you know, going on… Should I do one video or two videos a week? Today I have exactly nothing to talk about.

I’m going to try and get the flavor out of my nose. Basically, I’ve been gone because of college, and, uhm, mental stuff. Also, in other news… uhhh. In a few days… So Chad, what kind of girl do you like? It’s boring vlog number three!!! Anyways, uh… Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be doing anything. (sigh) You know… I… Let’s start from the beginning. My flatmate got a cat. I’ve been trying to vlog but, like, I’ve been feeling ok inside but my face wouldn’t make a good smile. I really don’t have a topic for this vlog. Still in my gown, but I thought I’d vlog anyway. Don’t really have much to say today. Yo! What’s up? I don’t know. I wish that I had something more entertaining. She made me a Friday thing. You know, like, in her videos… How she’s got that awesome, like, thing.

Now I’m just making some decaf coffeeI feel like there’s seriously no content for today’s vlog. I wanted to get a candle so badly because I love this candle so much and its literally my favorite scent and what is going on with my editorI don’t really have anything to do today. My dog keeps trying to open the door but it’s not working. I forgot to show you before and have already eaten half of them, but here is the results of my doing stuffActually I would love some long-johns. This looks weird. I keep moving my head. I got zero subscribers. I got zero comments. Zero likesThe atmosphere, for me, was PANTS!  I need to make room for my YouTubers … because you’re more important than One Direction. So, I think… I don’t know what else to talk about. I don’t know. I’m kinda just like… Oh god my hair’s messed up. My toothbrush does a better job brushing my tongueWell, it’s kind of annoying. But, you know — whatever.



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