Saunteristic Pariticipation

A certain Saunterism can be observed in network activity.  We may call this form of production content, continuum, or condition… We may call it into question. Saunteristic Pariticipation moves virality toward the commonplace — as intermutual aspiration… Ignoring the time honored rule, “In [posting], you must kill all your dawdlings.”

Case1 (dawdling): You Tube returns 19,400 results for Boring Vlog (sept.29.2012). The boring vlog as a form is not always boring, but in most cases is tedious. There is a sort of ethical indifference for the patience of the viewer. Subjected to, sometimes fascinated by a lethargic percolation of lukewarm drift through inconsequentialities complete with an affective yawn. Some are made in sequence – boring vlog #1, #2, #3, etc. This signals a level of formal intentionality; as such,the boring vlog is reducible as genre, brand, or channel.

Case2 (dawdling):Poor Willy Wonka!! To witness his cascade into buffoonery… But what of the dawdling on this object (as the caption is the subject)? There are over 127,217 advice animal-like Wonka images online. The formula for the captions is a top caption in the form of a condescending, rhetorical question and a bottom caption providing an insulting compliment. The redundancy and repetition of production (same image, same rhetoric) is a necessary condition to the construction of potential meme; or infact defines them. Though there are many different types of memes using this method, the rhetorical condition vary macro to macro – LOLcats being a common example.