Born out of an original already steeped in banal sentimentality (be its usage ironic, calumniatory, nostalgic or fauxstalgic), the elevated source as image meme is introduced into a messy process of replication through variation, becoming zombie … It is the offspring of zombies that makes a meme a meme. Eventually, however, like all big (image) banks, through amateur investment in the status of the meme as meme, the viral*ity of the source, its patterns and rhetorical fabric begin to fade, its model growing less productive.

What was once so revolutionary in the original combination of source and caption
now devolves and decays, becoming heavy
with the corrosive simple sugars of workaday affect.

In effect, the effectiveness of the original rhetorical model as measured through its popular replication, variation, and dissemination, its

valence ultimately becomes its downfall.

The pedestrian moves on.