Poetry – Relational Dialectics

poetPoetry uses forms and conventions to suggest differential interpretation to words, or to[i] show the existence of equal syllable durations in the acoustic speech signal[ii] of French, who often speak it as a second language.[iii] Despite the political campaigns launched in order to put[iv] the broad goals and concrete objectives of the international[v] interpretation of the experiences, activities, constructs, and artifacts associated with human beings[vi] into active empathy which facilitates the dispensation of civic duties in which[vii] Post-structuralist philosophers like Derrida and Foucault did not form a self-conscious group, but[viii] once combined with epistemological nihilism, leaves one with an all-encompassing[ix] place of intimacy, love and trust where individuals may escape the competition of dehumanizing forces in[x]  terms of the function of its constituent elements; namely norms, customs, traditions, and institutions.[xi] This progress is forced through the development of human mind, and increasing application of thought, reasoning and[xii] a more complex political structure, namely the state.[xiii] The Greeks admired Scythians and Eastern Gauls as heroic individuals – even in the case of[xiv] an inherently incompatible binary relationship as in the opposite pairs[xv]  such as watermole, duckbill, and duckmole.[xvi] Ordinarily, when sound waves in air strike liquid, most of the energy is reflected off the surface of[xvii] bony fish, hagfish, snails, slugs, and some other invertebrates.[xviii] Effective communication occurs when a desired effect is the result of intentional or unintentional[xix] social sciences, including such disciplines as sociology, psychology, anthropology, and[xx] ‘practical behavior’ or sometimes ‘the experience of practicing’.[xxi]